What’s baking?

Hi friends! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Living la vida cupcakes has been great! Here’s a picture to sum it all up:

Special thanks to Genessee Quizon Photography for making our babies look good. 🙂

Stay in touch for your [vegan] cupcake fix!


Whatever Ryan Gosling says…

I just had to post this on the site. I had to!

I hope everyone had a cupcake today!

fundraising for kids = cupcake love

Hi friends!

We were beyond thrilled to be asked to provide our yummy vegan cupcakes for a preschool fundraiser. How could we say no? How could anyone say no? We heart kids, and we heart cupcakes, so to have them both under one roof is quite the “happiness in a fundraiser.” 🙂

Check out Evergreen Community School. Here is their beautiful logo:

Rvergreen Auction_13_logoThe lucky folks will be dining on our cupcakes at the gorgeous Tiato Cafe.


We’re on the menu with the widely popular Diddy Riese. It’s all dessert love from here. 🙂


Our children really are our future. So let’s support them, love them, and give them a cupcake or two. 😉

If you’ll be at the fundraiser tonight, show us some love by visiting our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Enjoy!

another LA Foodie event! YES!

We’re doing another event with LA Foodie so, guess what, we think you should come party with us!


Get your tickets here or here (we’re on Yelp! sweet! literally!).

Check out what went down at the last event here (those dudes are hilarious!).

See y’all there! 🙂

Merry Cupcakes, everyone!


Before you start asking, no, I did not make that adorable looking cupcake. It’s from the cupcake design book Hello, Cupcake! I have made a creation or two from it and, let me tell ya, they were too sweet to eat. “Too sweet” as in “How could you devour something so cute?!”

My baking life has happily taken me over these past few months. I’ve been creating new flavors (hello, blueberry basil!), and sponsoring events where I am fortunate to connect with cupcake lovers (you!) and turning vegan haters into vegan believers (you, again!). One of the best responses I’ve received to date:

“No, that is not vegan. It’s too good to be vegan. You’ve just changed my outlook on vegan foods.”

Comments like that let’s me know I’m bringing good into the world (they’re all-natural, organic, moist, flavorful..what more could you want?). So, how about surprising your holiday guests with something that tastes great and then BAM! Let them know what they just devoured in 2.3 seconds was a vegan cupcake. What a way to bring some holiday cheer. 🙂

So place your order today! Check out our Facebook page or e-mail us at karolynhscupcake@gmail.com. While you’re at it, check out our Instagram and Twitter feed.

Merry Cupcakes!

In 5 days…

…we’ll be here!

And we think you should be, too. 😉

Can’t wait to see y’all! 😀

…and we’re back!

What a busy several months it’s been!

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Here, have a cupcake. 🙂