Small Pleasures: Sketches from Everyday Life

During the summer of 2011, I was introduced to a cupcake event that wasn’t just an ordinary cupcake event but one that included a gallery opening. Cupcake gallery opening? You betcha. She is a 2D visual artist who goes by the name of Anne M. Bray. She displayed wonderful sketches of cupcakes from various bakeries at TAG Gallery in the Bergamot Station located in Santa Monica, CA. I participated in a raffle to win one but, sadly, I’ll have to try again if there ever is one.

Part of the gallery opening was cupcake tasting. That’s right: cupcakes were brought in from various bakers (amateur as well as professional) who wanted participants to taste test their edible craft. I simply couldn’t resist so I was encouraged to bring in my apple spice and s’mores cupcakes. My apple spice was neck-and-neck with another as participants were surprised to hear mine were vegan. “They’re vegan? But they’re so moist.” Exactly, cupcake friends! 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the event. You should also check the artists’ website for more on the exciting day as well as her beautiful craft.

cinnamon apple vs. apple cinnamon – neck and neck!

s’mores was a hit!

it would’ve been nice to have won an original sketch

left to right: Anne M. Bray, Gary Polonski (he had his “The Food Series” right across the way. one should check his work out as well. it’s beautiful and delicious!), and me!


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